Hi all and welcome to my blog website!

I currently have the privilege of writing the Official blog for a team of female firefighters called the ‘The Antarctic Fire Angels’. You may have heard of them already, or maybe you haven’t. The planned expedition in 2023 is something that will without doubt go down in history and I am SO excited to be part of this journey. I also write monthly for an amazing mental health community called ‘We Band Together’.

For the Official Antarctic Fire Angels Blog head to the menu at the top of this page or scroll down to find the blogs in descending order. Don’t forget to come back every week to check in on their progress. 2023 is still pretty far away so come along for the ride and join us on this mammoth journey!

And for the We Band Together blogs please click on the link below and check out all the fantastic blogs on there along with my ownhttps://bandtogethercommunity.com/connect/blog/.

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